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I'm a bit of a dreamer

My parents always made me believe  I could do anything I set my heart on. I guess I still believe that. I am constantly looking  for something new to learn. The world is a curious place.  A place of wonderment.  Especially through the eye of a dreamer. Dreamers have a different perspective on life. A dreamer always looks beyond the surface of  appearances to the heartfelt emotions of a situation. We look for the beauty in life. Almost like an artist sees the world.  Dreamers are very sensitive and  are in tune with their environment. It's okay to dream. Some of the biggest inventions  of our time have come from dreamers. You may even learn something new about yourself. So go ahead and dream! Dream big! And, if you're lucky, you may even see a unicorn. : )

Sometimes I just need a shoulder...

Some days are not so easy, then I am glad I have my family. Families help to give you support in difficult situations. To discuss problems and lend a helping hand. 

Laughter is always good for the soul.  Children make us remember the funny little moments!
Every family is unique, in their own quirky ways.  Some are big. Some are small. None are perfect.  It provides a safe haven when emotions are heavy  or life decisions need to be made.

What does family mean to you?

It's everything to me!

And Heaven smiled.....

No matter where we look, there is beauty all around us! If we just take a few minutes from our busy schedules to really take in all the natural wonder!!  I'd like to think of it as a gift, that is given  to all of us, to enjoy each minute of the day, no matter how short!   If only we could take a few moments to meditate each day! And let the tension just evaporate.
 Just take a deep breath and dream of a peaceful life of serenity and hope. 

You may have to watch your step every now and then! Someone may want to wake you from your dream, your peace, your serenity or your hope. But you just hold onto that picture!
 Don't be deterred from your dreams or aspirations!  Life is worth taking a chance!  Believing that you can do it!  Believing in yourself!  And hopefully, along the journey, you can enjoy it with your loved ones!  Furry friends, included!

Positive Psychology: New Trend

What's the Secret?

Positive Psychology identifies what a person does well and utilizes those values and/or strengths to address what the person does not do as well, according to Christopher Peterson, a leader in the field of Positive Psychology.

With positive psychology, we not only can address our shortcomings, accentuate our strengths, but we can actually flourish and thrive.  Positive psychology takes us beyond wellness, it takes us to our happiest self where anything is possible and everything can be achieved.

"By making more moments glisten with positivity, you make the choice of a lifetime: you choose the upward spiral that leads to your best future—and to our best world.” (Frederickson, 2009)

Have you had your hug today?

Have you heard of hug therapy? There are actually health benefits from a simple hug. One of the benefits of a hug is lower blood pressure and heart rate, not to mention an elevated level in our "happiness" factor. :) 
Sometimes when you can't find the right words, sometimes a simple hug can erase tension away. When words aren't enough, sometimes a hug is the only thing that will suffice.
So go ahead and hug the ones you are close to and those that you think need a hug. Make a difference in someone's day. It is so easy to do!

A word about running

 Well we all know physical fitness is important. It's not only good for your heart but, did you know that a cardiovascular workout has been known to prevent forms of dementia? Working out is good for our level of happiness too.
Physical activity has been known to decrease episodes of depression, in some. It just makes us feel good to get those endorphins going. I hope to do a lot more running in the future. To challenge myself and run longer distances. It also is great to be outdoors and run. 

Sometimes I take my dogs with me on hikes and other times I'll just get on the treadmill, depending on the day. It helps to relieve a lot of stress from the week. Clears my head from all the "clutter." So get out there and run. 

Or hike. Walking is good too. Challenge yourself. See how far you can go. You will surprise yourself. As I will. See you on the trails. : )

What I have learned

Most of all I have learned from being a nurse is that all life is precious. If I could just spend a few moments to contemplate that thought I would say that each and everyone of us has purpose in our lives. Although we may not know the path to take at this time, we each have one.  Through our families we learn what is important to us. Through each other, friends, coworkers, teammates and associates, no matter our diversity, we learn through our differences, new discoveries, new methods of doing things, new joys, new adventures. Life is a journey to be explored and uncovered.

Try my hand at blogging....

Actually new to the blogging world. It is a little intimidating. I am comfortable enough with computers but...this is a whole new adventure. I am a nurse and love the whole healing aspect of my job. Words can impact a person so much as well as our actions. I hope that my blog will be inspirational and helpful at the same time. I am available for questions pertaining to health and nutrition. I can't claim to be an expert but I can only comment from my own experience, in a general sense.