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The benefits of Olive Oil

Olive oil contains Omega 3s and can help lower your LDL (or bad cholesterol) while increase the HDL (or good cholesterol). It helps to protect against gastritis, ulcers, obesity, sore throats and cardiovascular diseases. It protects the skin from aging. Olive oil can act as an anti-inflammatory (like Ibuprofen) and anti-hypertensive.  The best quality of Olive Oil is cold-pressed, Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The darker the Olive Oil, the stronger the taste will be and also the greater the nutrient quality.

Olive oil contains chorophyll, Vitamins E and K, polyphenols (like found in green tea), and 
Olive oil can be used as a:  hair conditioner; a makeup remover; a makeup brush cleanser; and a facial, skin and cuticle moisturizer.

Agua water eau

We never say enough about water. 
But water is life! H2O  -- can't live without it!
It cleanses us inside and out! It refreshes us!
 It energizes us! It has healing properties!
Aqua therapy, aqua aerobics, and much more...

It is so soothing to wade in water on a beach, 
or to sit in a sauna...a waterfall is so glorious! 
Not to mention that water sports are just plain fun..
from water polo to kayaking to surfing to swimming 
to sailing...pick your sport, it's endless 
and there's something for everyone. 


Love surrounds everything I do. 
Life is joy 
filled with delightful surprises. 
I choose love, joy and freedom with an open heart.

True Turquoise

The color of turquoise makes us feel happy and cheerful

Surround yourself with the beauty of turquoise And increase your optimal  health and wellness

Love Unaltered

Love is not love 

Which alters when it finds alteration 

Or bends with the remover to remove 

O! No! It is an ever-fixed mark 

That looks on tempests  and is never shaken 

–Sonnets: W. Shakespeare

The Color White

The Color White represents poise, confidence and purity.  In Feng Shui, the color white is used in combination with gold or silver to produce a serene environment.

 White represents the metal element.  White is a great color to use in the creativity/children and helpful people/travel areas of the bagua, in your house.
In Feng Shui white objects have deep meanings. 

 White brings a special meaning, energy and power of Purity to Feng Shui interior decorating style. White symbolizes freshness and renewal.