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Welcome 2013

New Years Resolutions?
Have you any?

1.  Eat more vegetables

2.  Start a new exercise program, 5 days a week

3.  Join a new volunteer group for children

4.  Start a new writing project
What will you do in 2013?
Nikki B.

Looking Forward to 2013

May I say that 2012 was a very challenging year.   A lot was achieved and a lot was maintained  with strength and fortitude.  
I hope reveals 
some answers to past events and  current trends today.  I would like  to see the political and financial picture  in the US stabilize. Also, I would like to  change locales for work/living if the  opportunity presents itself,  mostly to be closer to certain family members. I am wishing everyone a Happy New Year and may you have good health and happiness.  Cherishing every good moment, each and every day.  Thankful to God for all His blessings.

Nikki B. signing off.