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Little Girl Wishes

I started this blog with a personal note of self discovery.  Part of me has yet to grow up fully.  A part of me still believes that life's wishes  can be achieved no matter how daunting.  As the year progresses, I realize my limitations  in front of me, namely time.  I feel like moments are so precious.  Sometimes I feel let down. But I'll just have to learn to be kinder to myself.  Can't I have just a few minutes back??

Quote of the day

It's not what we do or have done, It's what He has done for us.
by Nikki Boucher 

Go nuts for coconut!!!

The benefits of coconut milk.........
Coconut is very good for your health. 
It can be used by people with 
lactose intolerance as a substitute for milk.
It has a 17% fat content. 
The fat is mostly lauric acid 
which is a medium chain fatty 
acid that is easier for 
the body to break down and
metabolize than long chain 
fatty acids found in such fats 
as sunflower, soy and safflower.

Lauric acid is remarkable because it is antimicrobial, anti fungal and  anti protozoal. Drinking  coconut milk helps to protect the  body from infections and viruses.  Coconut water and coconut milk  can be taken as a daily health supplement. Coconut milk contains anti-oxidants  important for health. 

What's in a Tomato??

What's all the fuss about a tomato?
Tomatoes can help improve skin texture and color,  are good blood purifiers,  help in cases of congestion of the liver  as well as for dissolving gallstones, and are natural antiseptics  that can protect against infection.  Nicotinic acid in tomatoes can help to reduce blood cholesterol,  helping prevent heart diseases.  Vitamin K in tomatoes helps to prevent hemorrhages.  Lycopene (the red pigment in tomato),  this pigment is a powerful antioxidant 

Quote of the day

"Love is the beauty of the soul." Saint Augustine

St. Augustine website

In Memory of a Time Gone By

I remember where I was the moment the first plane hit...I was getting ready for work while watching the "Today Show" as I always did because I loved to greet the day with a glimpse of the New York skyline.
As it was that day a glistening blue harbor and a perfect Autumn day...

Then the first plane hit...I thought that it must be a horrible accident...I stood gawking at the television set in disbelief! Paralyzed, not able to move or understand how could this happen? On such a perfect day! When I had just marveled at such a picturesque scene...The day began in shock...

I walked to the bathroom to erase the last few moments from my mind, hurrying to get my thoughts together and make it in to work on time. Before I had a chance to head out the door, the second plane hit. Then I knew...that there was no possibility that it had been an accident.

Everything became surreal.

I left for work. On the ride in, I listened for reports on the radio of what events would follow...I thought…

A personal note

I start my day at 5am to be at work by 7am. I work on a heart floor and I have been there about 3 years. I love my job, the people I work with and the patients I take care of. It feels great to be helpful in a time of crisis in a person's life. I love people in general. My days are long, usually I have about a 12 hour day. It can get hectic and stressful at times but in the end, it is all worth it! For young aspiring nurses out there, if you have the desire, it is a worthwhile career. It may not be easy but you will never regret it one bit!The choices are endless as to what you can choose to do for your job. If you love babies, we always need good nurses in Neonatal Intensive Care. If you love a fast pace, Emergency nurses are always in high demand. You can choose a career in Research or Teaching or Pharmaceutical sales. The choices are great! At the end of the day, when I get home, I can feel certain that I did my best to help those in need and that is reward in itself to me!