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Go nuts for coconut!!!

The benefits of coconut milk.........
Coconut is very good for your health. 
It can be used by people with 
lactose intolerance as a substitute for milk.
It has a 17% fat content. 
The fat is mostly lauric acid 
which is a medium chain fatty 
acid that is easier for 
the body to break down and
metabolize than long chain 
fatty acids found in such fats 
as sunflower, soy and safflower.

Lauric acid is remarkable because
it is antimicrobial, anti fungal and 
anti protozoal. Drinking 
coconut milk helps to protect the 
body from infections and viruses. 
Coconut water and coconut milk 
can be taken as a daily health supplement.
Coconut milk contains anti-oxidants 
important for health. 
Regularly drinking coconut milk 
either in smoothies, desserts or in 
other foods helps to maintain 
a balance of lipids in the body. 
Coconut milk is also protects
against hyperlipidemia – 
the condition of too much 
cholesterol in the body. 
Hyperlipidemia causes coronary 
problems, strokes and other 
vascular disorders.
Coconut milk is a good source 
of vitamins and minerals. 
It is considered a good replacement 
for dairy products because 
it contains high levels of calcium 
that are needed to keep bones 
healthy. It also contains potassium 
and other important minerals.


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