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Gentle winds

The day's weather couldn't have been more perfect.  So warm and breezy.  The day was actually mesmerizing, lulling you.  Almost asking you to take a few moments to savor the day.

Wishing you a lovely weekend.
love, Nikki B

New Year's Challenge

The New Year 2014!! WOW! Are we ready?  What will this year bestow on us?   What joys and happiness are ahead?   Are you ready for the wild ride?   How shall we prepare for 2014?  
The challenge will be to STEP OUT  and shake off any fear  and do what you have always wanted to do! 
The challenge will be to do what is hidden in your heart  and just begin shaping your plan for the year ahead!   Realize your potential!   Be kind to yourself.   And above all have fun.
Wishing you a wonderful 2014!   The adventure awaits us!   And I can't wait!
Love, Nikki B.