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get healthy
What's the craze of juicing all about?

Green juice, carrot juice? Why is everyone doing it?

Truth is it's just plain simple. 
And healthy for you.
It's clearly falling into that all "raw food" diet. 
The purpose it turns out
is the less you cook your food or the more "raw" it is 
( not only unprocessed and more
whole) it is more "nutritive" or 
has more beneficial nutrients in it!

Why not give it a try? You may even find that you 
have more energy, more healthy skin
glow and all around good feeling?

So here's to you! I think I will have that carrot juice now! 
Have a fabulous weekend! 
Nikki B. signing off! 
Until next time, happy juicing!

Quote of the day

Summer's Over........... but “Don't cry because it's over,  smile because it happened.”  ― Dr. Seuss
Happy Tuesday! Love Nikki B.
With Summer dreams slowly fading, I begin to plan new projects for the Fall! I was able to finish my Masters Program at CSU Fullerton. Now to complete my NP licensure after a little break. Spending time with family has been the focus.  I am beginning to regain my energy and feel the next few months will be very busy.  Every day is a gift and I cherish every one of them.
Wishing everyone a safe and fun holiday! Nikki B.