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Vitamin Supplementation with Gestational Diabetes

This was emailed to me and I thought it could be useful for expectant moms out there who liked to stay informed.

"Vitamin D supplementation effective in gestational diabetics
As reported in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, vitamin D3 supplementation (50,000 IU at baseline and d 21) of gestational diabetics (n=54) resulted in a significant reduction in FBG, insulin, HOMA-IR, TC, and LDL-C compared to supplementation with placebo. Vitamin D3 supplementation had no effect on inflammation or oxidative stress." Read the article summary now:
I love helping moms and their 
families with their nutritional  education and am always learning myself. 
Vitamin D has been  effective with other  disease processes as well. 

Wishing you wellness and peace today  and the rest of the week!