In Memory of a Time Gone By

I remember where I was the moment the first plane hit...I was getting ready for work while watching the "Today Show" as I always did because I loved to greet the day with a glimpse of the New York skyline.
As it was that day a glistening blue harbor and a perfect Autumn day...

Then the first plane hit...I thought that it must be a horrible accident...I stood gawking at the television set in disbelief! Paralyzed, not able to move or understand how could this happen? On such a perfect day! When I had just marveled at such a picturesque scene...The day began in shock...

I walked to the bathroom to erase the last few moments from my mind, hurrying to get my thoughts together and make it in to work on time. Before I had a chance to head out the door, the second plane hit. Then I knew...that there was no possibility that it had been an accident.

Everything became surreal.

I left for work. On the ride in, I listened for reports on the radio of what events would follow...I thought of an old boyfriend who worked downtown Manhattan on Wall Street. I wondered if he was safe. It would be days before I would know the answer. The day was chaotic.

I busied myself with my patients at the hospital. Everyone's eyes were affixed to the television monitors in every patient room of the hospital. The news unfolded as the day went on. Another plane had hit the Pentagon and another was downed in Pennsylvania. No one knew what was happening. It wasn't long before all the planes were grounded for the day.
We all wondered what lay ahead. So many questions that seem so long ago now. So long ago from that fateful day when so many lost their lives. The loved ones who so innocently died that September day ten years ago now. No longer stands those proud symbols of American strength. No longer do Americans live with the same freedom and optimism. No longer are we able to look to our brothers without some sense of loss.
What follows today is all up to us. 
We make the choice to rebuild our lives from here.
We are stronger than before.
We can hold onto hope that our country will stand together.
We have tough times now and we will weather the storm.
We can't be broken because we are a proud people and stand for what is right!
Freedom will be ours again!
We will shine brighter than before and 
will remain a beacon of hope for the world!
Peace to all on this memorial Sunday of the ten years passed.


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