A word about running

 Well we all know physical fitness is important. It's not only good for your heart but, did you know that a cardiovascular workout has been known to prevent forms of dementia? Working out is good for our level of happiness too.

Physical activity has been known to decrease episodes of depression, in some. It just makes us feel good to get those endorphins going. I hope to do a lot more running in the future. To challenge myself and run longer distances. It also is great to be outdoors and run. 

Sometimes I take my dogs with me on hikes and other times I'll just get on the treadmill, depending on the day. It helps to relieve a lot of stress from the week. Clears my head from all the "clutter." So get out there and run. 

Or hike. Walking is good too. Challenge yourself. See how far you can go. You will surprise yourself. As I will. See you on the trails. : )


  1. ohhhh how fun!!! I hope you keep it up so i have another favorite blog to look forward to :) xx alex

  2. I absolutely love to run, I prefer the outdoors over a treadmill anyday =)

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