And Heaven smiled.....

No matter where we look, there is beauty all around us! If we just take a few minutes from our busy schedules to really take in all the natural wonder!!
 I'd like to think of it as a gift, that is given 
to all of us, to enjoy each minute of the day, no matter how short! 
 If only we could take a few moments to meditate each day! And let the tension just evaporate.

 Just take a deep breath and dream of a peaceful life of serenity and hope. 

You may have to watch your step every now and then! Someone may want to wake you from your dream, your peace, your serenity or your hope. But you just hold onto that picture!

 Don't be deterred from your dreams or aspirations!
 Life is worth taking a chance! 
Believing that you can do it!
 Believing in yourself!
 And hopefully, along the journey, you can enjoy it with your loved ones!
 Furry friends, included!


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