The Naked Truth about vitamins

Just want to take a few minutes, before hitting the hay, to blog about my thoughts on juicing.  Over a year and a half ago, I started drinking "Naked Juice" because I find that the vitamins that you can gain from these "natural, non-GMO" juices were more than you could ever dream to get in eating all the fruits and vegetables to equal the same amount.  In other words, it is packed with nutrition. As I am cleansing this week and in the following, I must tell you that taking supplemental vitamins is a a must! Although I will be quite honest with you, I am quite a vitamin supplement advocate, especially Vitamin C. If you were to look in my cabinet today, you would see: vitamins B, C, D, E,
Co-Q 10, Iron, and Multivitamins.

My friend, Susana Lopes, RN, health coach, marathoner, yoga instructor,  and nutrition counselor for "Nutrition for the Soul", recommended a raw food diet where you grow your own "sprouts" and keep everything at a temperature of 118 degrees, to maintain the nutrient-rich value of the food.  For me, I am happy to try new foods/trends, mostly to learn from the experience. If you want to check out what she can recommend for you, email her at  

For now, my cleanse is going well. I am resisting all the chocolate, banana cake, sandwiches and all the other fantastic (empty carb) goodies, at work, yesterday and today.  My will is strong.  I know that this is just a beginning and must start to add a little aerobics in the mix, to tone/shape up. I definitely need more cardio, but I will give myself a break and just say "it's okay to go slow." I am just getting over a cold! Okay, must get some sleep now.  Beaux Reves Mes Amies! A tout a l'heure! That is, Sweet Dreams My Friends! Until later! Nikki signing off for now!


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