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Well, as part of the New Year's resolutions I decided to blog daily. So here goes... Along with blogging, I decided to make my blog more personable by blogging about personal interests of mine. I am a nurse and work long hours and part of my relax time when I come home from work is internet browsing. Can't think of anything more relaxing. 

Part of that I like to go online on youtube and viewing some of my favorite beauty and fashion gurus. One of my favorites is www.hrhcollection.com. 
Alex is a fashion connoisseur of sorts. She designs her own jewelry and is in the process of starting her own clothing line. She is great with interior design as well. Another one of my favorites is www.brooklynblonde.com with Helena who is another great fashion blogger and is always dazzling with her style. 

There's a whole community out there on the internet for women to get ideas for anything from the latest designs in clothing or new makeup products of the season. It's just fabulous. And before you try any, you can get a review of the products from these fashionistas!! online!! It's so much fun. 

Well there you have it, one of my favorite pasttimes, internet browsing and youtube watching! It will really make you smile and lift your spirits! Well, then until next time, Nikki here signing off. 

If anyone has a question or comment about health, wellness or nursing in general, shoot me a question. Will love to lend an ear or give my opinion, I have alot of those! Here's to a great year ahead!! 


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