White bean soup recipe

Since I have been on the detox diet, 7th day today, I have been paying more attention to whole foods and making more homemade items. Soup is easy to make. Here is one recipe that can be applied to really any kind of soup. Starting with beans of your choice. Here I selected white northern beans. It is important to soak your beans at least for a few hours, (I prefer to soak mine overnight) otherwise they can be very upsetting to your stomach.
After which, I rinse them twice to get the top layer off and place them on the stove with a low heat. Add sliced vegetables, I love to cook soup with celery and carrots. So I have added them here.
Another great element to add to any delicious 
soup is fresh, sliced garlic. It is very good for your health.
Then as with any great soup recipe, spices are also added for flavor. I have added:
garlic powder, 
Italian seasonings, 
minced onions and Sea salt, to taste. 
Continue to cook on a low flame for 1 to 2 hours. You can add your favorite white wine also, if you like. And Voila! You have a tasty, healthy, wholesome soup! Hope you enjoy experimenting with different beans and veggie soup combos! It can be fun! The key is simplicity!
Bon appetit! 


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