Wish list

Today's Saturday and I'm wondering if I will have enough time in the day to do everything I want to do. What is on your wish list? I love to exercise so I am hoping I can run a few miles and enjoy the day. I hope to be able to spend enough time with my dogs so that they don't feel neglected. I already had a nice chat with my mom and dad. I love to catch up with them on the weekend when I have some downtime from my busy weekly schedule. Of course I love shopping but find I have little time to enjoy that at the moment. I am currently trying to get through a Masters Program up at Cal State Fullerton so alot of my time is actually reading about Women's Health. I am hoping I have enough time to finish a test, work on a project and do yet more reading... So there you have it. I don't have much free time but I want to get out and enjoy the sunshine while it's still daylight! Which reminds me, I guess we all lose an hour of sleep tonight! But hey that's okay it will be light later, so I like that idea!! Okay so everyone have a great weekend and for whatever is on your wish list, I am hoping that you can achieve it!!

ps. The pic is of Andy, my little 11 month old Havanese pup. He finished his first puppy training class today! : )


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