What do you dream about? 
Or what 
is your biggest dream?
One day I hope to 
go to Australia and scuba 
dive in the Great Barrier Reef.
To me that would be the 
greatest vacation of a lifetime. 
I don't know why but
to me it seems so far away, 
maybe so far 
out of reach. I want to 
be able to achieve my
dream eventually. 
What appeals to me 
is the diverse topography 
where a tropical forest 
meets the beach.

Where would you go
if you could pick the vacation
of your dreams? and why?
What appeals to you? the beach?
the mountains? cold weather? or 
warm? What would you do
on your dream vacation? And
more importantly, who would you
go with? Alot to contemplate...
And to dream about... And perhaps
one day it will be realized!

Here's to that one day! 


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