What's on your mind?

Do you have some things that you can't resolve? 
Things that keep going over and over in your head?
How do you cope with stress? 
How do you handle difficult situations? 

Did you know that learning effective coping 
skills can ease the tension and stress? 
In nursing we learn for example that smoking is one way that people learn to cope but it is ineffective 
because it just causes more problems. 
Being able to talk to someone 
about your situation can be helpful.
Just having someone to talk to, to listen to your side of things, 
maybe to laugh some of that stress away.

I mention this now because of all that is 
hitting us in the news these days. 
A way to "shoulder" some of the bad 
news is to see the lighter side. 
Another way is to pray. Having a strong 
faith provides "resilience" for some. 
Having a good strong support system in 
family and friends. 

To have a friend is to be one. 
So build a strong friendships along 
the coarse of your life to help you. 
And give back to your community if you can, 
that gives a sense of fulfillment and joy. 
These are all good 
techniques to whittle away stress.

And cherish the calm, peaceful moments when you can.


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