Another poem by me

Let me share with you a poem
 that I wrote in high school. 
I have always loved to write since I can remember. 
Whether it's poetry, stories, songs, you name it. 
My sister says I live in my "own world," 
I suppose I do. It's because I love the written word 
and the way emotions can be expressed on paper. 
Sometimes I find I can express myself 
much better that way. 
So I hope that you enjoy my writings. 
I invite you into my world, 
a very vulnerable and sensitive place, 
only to bring you joy and peace. 
And to know that you are not alone. 
I welcome any comments, as always. 
I am far from perfect. It's through our imperfections 
that we learn who we really are, inside.

"A Reflection"

Who's reflection could that be in the mirror 
  sitting there so still;
With a look of sadness and yet gladness
  nothing will really move her until;
The thoughts she's kept so secretly hidden
  can be written down and wherein
She can express herself freely to you
  express her own point of view.
Who's reflection could it be
  last chance to guess, it's of me.


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