do you believe in angels?

Do you believe in angels? 

 Well we all know that when babies are born they are angels!!

But does anyone believe in angels of another variety? We're not talking "Charlie's Angels" either!
Although those that played the part of his Angels were very good in their roles!

I, for one, believe in angels. I believe they are like guardians on your shoulder! 

Always whispering in your ear what to do to stay out of harm's way!! That's why I always trust my instinct or my conscience.  I think they try to guide us to do the right thing! 

But that is just my personal view. Everyone has to decide for themselves if they do. 
But who can resist the cherubs of Michaelangelo, not me!!

This last one has to be my favorite! 
And they always say "Nurses are like angels" (so I may just be a little bit biased.)  It can't hurt to believe that there is something ethereal beyond the humdrum of everyday life.  
It brings a little miracle in our daily routine.  Something of wonder! 
That is just beautiful in the concept, alone.


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