All in a glass of wine

Sometimes it's great to relax with a glass of wine and a nice meal,  after a long day. 
Red wine has many health benefits. 
When consumed in moderation, 
it can help to prevent heart disease, kidney stones, Alzheimer's disease, high cholesterol, atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, some cancers and stroke, 
just to name a few. 
Below are listed the studies these findings are based upon.
Alcohol and Wine’s Effects on Mortality - Findings From Around the World
United StatesEuropeAsia/Australia
Framingham Heart Study (MA)Seven Countries StudyJapanese Physicians
Kaiser Permanente (CA)British Regional Heart StudyBusselton Study (Austral)
Nurses Health Study (MA)British Doctors StudyDubbo Study (Austral)
Physicians Health Study (MA)Copenhagen City Heart StudyNew Zealand Cohort
Health Professionals (MA)MONICA (WHO)Shanghai China Cohort
NHANES (USA)Italian Rural Cohorts Study 
Honolulu Heart Study (HI)  

It may be due to resveratrol that exists naturally in grapes 
and red wine. Other foods that contain some resveratrol 
include peanuts, blueberries and cranberries. But the  studies
 are ongoing. So here's to you! Drink to your health! Kick up 
your heels! And enjoy a glass of your favorite red wine! 


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