Thursday, August 15, 2013

To lose or not to lose, that is the question?

Back on my diet 

after trying to do it myself this week! But I gained a pound back so I went to the doctors for a weigh in today! I am going to Dr. Habermehl's office in Newport Beach and I am so glad that I started with her.  By going in every week, it keeps me more honest and I have to show progress week to week.  I have one more month to attempt to get the 10 unwanted poundage off! Then for a great transformation! 

Well I was going to wait to get a new hairstyle but I just had to go next week!  I made an appointment at the hair salon next Tuesday, as incentive or a reward.  If I lose another 1-2 pounds this week, I will have lost half the weight.

Well I am committed to getting up and doing cardio in the am! So Sweet dreams to all! In French they say "Beaux Reves"....  

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