Life is a Dream

One thing I know for sure is that I was born a dreamer.  I rather live with rose-colored glasses than face reality.  I would rather revel in beauty and dreams than the realism of everyday.  It's an escapism from the mundanity of everyday life.  I want life to be full of special, loving moments that create memories of a lifetime, whether with family, friends, or both.  I want to make a child smile, a mother laugh or a brother shed a tear of joy.  

I'm a dreamer.  I live in a world of emotion.  Sensitive.  Sometimes I just want to run away from all that I'm feeling.  But mostly I want to find peace and serenity surrounding me.  I pray that for you all, as well.  Will you join me with your rose-colored glasses, too?

Love Nikki  B.


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