How to wash away tension from the day

How do you relieve tension from work or stressful life situations?
There are many ways I try to relieve tension.  At first I take a moment and try to clear my mind.  Meditation is a great relaxation tool.  Also many times I distract myself with other diversions; such as a mindless comedy show or a computer game.  The diversions relieve your mind of any thoughts of the day.
Exercise also can increase the good hormones in your body and neutralize the bad ones.  Drinking plenty of water is also essential so that the toxins don't buildup and cause illness or injury in the body.  
A hot shower, no matter when it is, is always welcome.  Finally, plenty of rest is as important as any of the other stress reducers.

Let me hear from you and what really works for you!  Be good to yourself!  Wishing you a fun-filled holiday weekend!

Love Nikki B.


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