I m m u n i t y

When you talk about cleansing or 
detoxifying the body? 
What is our ultimate goal? 
The goal is to boost our 
natural body's ability to heal itself, 
namely our immune system or "immunity".  

The toxins that are so prevalent 
in our environment are 
becoming more and more difficult to avoid.  
From healthy products, to healthy food, 
to air, water and everything else.

I am definitely a nature lover.  
I guess we all need to become 
nature conservationists to help 
preserve what clean air, water 
and environment that we have left. 

Ultimately, if we preserve our environment, 
we are then able to preserve our health also.

How can we preserve our environment?
Here are some ideas?

Recycling is a good start. 

Buying and using products that are biodegradable.

Plant a tree.

Get a tune-up for your car.

Water your lawn in the morning.

Donate unused items to Goodwill.

Walk or ride a bike for transportation, 
for a change.

Use rechargeable batteries.

Here's to your health!

Love, Nikki B. 


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