D E T O X I F Y and B E A U T I F Y (part three)

Continuing on the idea of detoxifying the body, we can look at some of the unhealthy ingredients found in food :

monosodium glutamate
propylene glycol
high fructose corn syrup
If we had an assignment to write down all the ingredients in all the 

food that we eat,

we would be so tired of all the writing, there are so many 

chemicals.  So what is clean food?

How can you avoid all the "unhealthy" chemicals?  A solution is to 

just buy products that are nutrient-dense, low carbohydrate food.  

How to begin a healthy approach?  
If I said it another way, how do we increase our longevity and 

decrease exposure to chronic disease?  
MAN-MADE food is full of the chemicals.  Increase the simple 

foods in your diet and you will start to see results right away as to 

how you feel and the best part, you will start to become lean, 

without even trying.  Let us heal ourselves.  Let us stop consuming 

the man-made chemicals.

How do you detoxify your body?  

You first must stop ingesting the toxins in the first place.  

The second step would be to eat 

foods that detoxify the body naturally, 

green chlorophyll-rich foods help to do this. 

Chia seeds, aloe vera and 

seaweed all help to clean out the intestinal tract.

Parsley and cilantro are also very 

excellent natural food ingredients that detoxify the body.

Good water, fresh air and sunlight,

 also are necessary for the body to detoxify.
The Raw food diet has these ideas behind it.  When you detox, your 

skin clears, it actually glows, your teeth become white, you have 

more energy, some people have become "cancer-free" and some 

people have lost weight.  Detoxifying leads to a more



Y  O  U !

Love, Nikki B.


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