Food Challenge

I love to talk about nutrition (since I am a nurse) with my patients.  So I thought I would talk to you about it in my blog.  Have you ever considered how hard it would be to eat "Clean Food?"  Now you are probably wondering
 "What is she talking about here?"

Well let's take a look at our choices. There's home cooked food; fast food; ethnic food; canned food; 
frozen food; prepared foods; catered foods; raw food; 
whole food, just to start the list but 
I could go on.  It's just to get you to 
really think about your food and 
where it comes from and what goes into it. 
Clean food to me would be 
"with no chemicals added".  The fewer 
"middle men" that handle 
my food, the better.  

So clean food to me, would be whole food, locally grown, and in its natural state.  In other words, the way nature intended it to be.  But I am not a vegetarian (although I could be).  Anyway the less chemicals (or words that you can't pronounce) on the label of any food, the better.  

Best of all, if the food does not have 
any ingredients (or label) added.

Why should I challenge you to this? 
 It's to emphasize that the quality of our food 
has changed since the advent of fast 
and processed food, 
but we all know that!  
But to what degree, it is not so apparent.

In fact we don't even bother to look at those 
"chemically type of words" on the back 
of our food products, because we know 
they are there and we just take 
the FDA's word for it that it's "OK!"

But so are GMOs, that are endorsed 
by the FDA (the consumer protection squad, 
or so you thought!)

But that's another subject and will have 
to wait for another day!  So here's to clean food and feeling a little bit healthier today!  
Your challenge if you are willing to accept it, 
is to write down every chemical 
that you read on the back of the foods
 that you are eating, and actually look it up 
and see what are the facts on it! 
Most chemicals are toxic; cause cancer; 
asthma; allergies and much more.

Hopefully, the list will be small 
to non-existent, because 
I would hope you are eating whole fruits, 
vegetables and meat from your local grower/market
to feel your optimum.

Love to all, Nikki B.


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