A mid-afternoon break

Good Afternoon,
Back from a full morning of prenatal (antepartum) testing. Learning about limited OB ultrasounds! And how fun was it! Very!! I have to admit I was smiling from one ear to the other. This is why I went into Women's Health in the first place. My passion is really for the new moms and their babies! I love every aspect of this! I guess it's the wonderment in the miraculous process! It was easy to be distracted in wondering what the babies will look like, trying to figure out what position they were lying. One mom in the middle of her ultrasound had a contraction and you definitely could see the baby moving!
 It's soooo exciting! I think the human body is an amazing thing! And something new can be learned each and every day! This is just a brief note and then I will be back to clinic by 4 pm. Have a lovely afternoon! And hug your little ones! 

They are sooooo special! Nikki B. signing off until later. :)


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