Home catching up on rest

Well for the past few weeks, I've been rushing from clinic to hospital to class. I guess the nonstop "busi-ness" has caught up with me now, as I have to rest and gain some strength. My immune system is definitely down, even though I take vitamin C and a multivitamin. Sometimes rest is the only answer to what ails you. Needless to say, I probably got sick from a patient because that is one of the risks of being a nurse. 
We are exposed to so many viruses/bacteria, that we are required to get vaccinations for Hepatitis B, tDap, influenza and I'm sure there will be more in the future. 

For the time being, I am resting at home, still doing my workload for school. Finally finished the ethics paper, due in a week and an ethics presentation for tomorrow. Next is to work on a Standard Protocol for limited OB ultrasounds that I have been learning. I had my first "on-hands" experience on Monday and will again have an opportunity for another day of prenatal testing, for high risk moms greater than 29 weeks gestation.  Most of the moms are actually more than 32 weeks but there are a few who need to be seen before that time. 

It's all quite interesting and exciting. Alot of learning to do and in a short time. Hope everyone is doing fine. Have a good rest of the week. Nikki B. signing off. 


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