Monday Note

Hey there,
Sorry I haven't been posting for a while due to classes, clinic and work! I had an ultrasound class last week which had us learning how to do limited obstetric ultrasounds for all stages of pregnancy! Quite amazing to say the least! Loved every minute of it! I think the most amazing time of someone's life is when they are expecting a baby! I see it as a magical time. You start to understand yourself as a person, look to your parents as a possible role model and beginning to see yourself as the parent that you want to be for your child! Although I can't speak from experience, all I know is from what I've read and seen through my patients.  I don't think anyone can ever explain the feelings or emotion in words what a woman can go through when they are expecting a child. 

There may be doubt or insecurity about taking on the new and great responsibility of being a new mom. I always say there is nothing that could ever be more rewarding than being a mother...The joy I have seen in a new mom's eyes says it all to me! When you finally see your baby in your arms, pure joy! May each one of you have a great rest of the week! Hug your little ones! They are blessings! Nikki B. signing off. 


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