Fresh Fall Days.....

I wanted to blog about how I was feeling this Fall.  
I feel exhilarated, happy, ambitious and hopeful.  

You probably are wondering why?  

I have slimmed down from a hefty 132 lbs on my small frame of 5' 2" to 123 lbs. just to start. 
Dr. Habermehl and Kelly have both inspired me.  
Each week I weigh in and receive a cocktail shot (including vitamin B12).  
It has been great so far!! 

Also I am so looking forward to doing the Susan Komen Walk 
this weekend in Newport Beach, CA.  It won't be my first time but it has been a few years. 
 I have a goal to get more physically in shape!! 

So I am sooooo happy to be able to be a part of this worthy cause!!  
Nothing right now can be more invigorating!! 

If you can come down on Sunday, September 22nd. 
Come join the fun!! 
Love to all, Nikki B.


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