Powers of believing

As each week goes by, I busy myself with new goals and objectives for the year.  I thought of making a  move from my current residence but there's nothing like home, sweet home.  So for the time being, I will just make some new updates to my liking and will remain in Irvine, which I call paradise.  I love where I live.  I am originally from Virginia and it is very green there.  I love trees and Irvine has a lot of green spaces.  It means so much to me and my well-being to live where there is so much nature surrounding me, where I can feel at peace.

I am excited because I passed my boards and now can concentrate on my true passion: writing!  So I am going to begin a new writing project.  I would like to write a children's book.  That's just a thought right now!  We will see if it comes to fruition!  But everything starts with a thought!  Whatever your heart desires, it will always find a way!  Wishing everyone a safe and warm weekend!

Nikki B.


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