Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New Workout Program

Well I hope I am able to wake up 
early to start my new workout!! 
I've decided to really commit to a
 new Fall workout regime! 
Someone asked me the other day 
if I was still going to the gym 
and I couldn't help but feel a little 
guilty of NOT going! 
Sadly, I haven't been as diligent 
with my diet nor my workout routine! 
But I am finding the new vigor 
and motivation to get in shape finally!! 
I know when I work out I feel 
so much better and I love the early 
hours of the morning to get 
a great start to the day!!

So here's to tomorrow!!! 
I hope each and every one of you 
has a great rest of the week!!
Nikki B. signing off.

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