To relax; my favorite pasttime

Just got home from third consecutive day, 12 hour shifts and am having my glass of red wine and relaxing with a movie, my favorite pasttime! Relaxing!! Tinker Toy Soldier Spy is the movie and Robert Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon 

 is the wine... I had a great weekend! My work buddies are so much fun. There is a lot of comraderie with team/floor nursing! Also I love the patients and their families! I so love what I do!! Of course, it's hard when someone's not getting better or having difficulty! And sometimes, I get attached and then it's hard to say "Good bye!" 

Tomorrow's another day! I hoped to be able to go for a Hot Stone Massage therapy session 

but I have to wait until Tuesday! but it will be worth the wait!! It always helps with achey backs and shoulders! 
 Nikki B. signing off until tomorrow!


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