Heart of hearts!

Everyday is a wonder. From the beginning of this blog I have said that! I learn things everyday from loved ones, family and friends and even strangers. The deep felt emotions are in part due to my experiences with my job as a nurse and also my deep affection for ones close to me. I can not find the words to convey every emotion that I have, only that I am so thankful for each day because it is truly a blessing. I am thankful for everything! Gratitude brings much joy in my heart and my life is richer for it! It's okay if I make mistakes! It's okay if I'm not perfect! The more I learn, the more I learn how much I don't know! But that's okay to! It makes me more curious about life, about others, how they view the world, and I learn how similar all of us really are in our hopes and dreams for our families and our futures. I only wish everyone could be safe, happy and full of love! You might say I have a big heart! But that's why I'm a nurse! I'm mushy! okay, I admit it! My heart is speaking to you! There's not enough happiness in the world! I'd like to make it a little happier! A little brighter for someone! a child! a parent! a single mom or dad! a sister! an aunt! a grandfather! It doesn't matter! All that matters is to bring more joy in the world! what could be more wonderful than that! 
Good night and have a great Tuesday!


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