Neck pain? What's the Cure?

I have been seeing a chiropractor the last month since my friend/physical therapist told me my neck was out of alignment and that therapy was a must.  It has made me aware of a few things, namely that I need to work on my posture, that the computer has not helped, only made it worse and also holding the phone with your chin is not the greatest help, either.

I have had major relief since going but constantly need to stretch my neck muscles that have become shorter over time with stress, computer usage and poor posture.  Hope to be checking out "Pure Barre" classes in the near future when I am ready to start a new exercise program before I gain all the weight that I took off, approximately 10 lbs.

Anyway, I must be dozing off to dreamland.  Hope everyone sleeps well.  Oh that's another thing, I'm trying to sleep on my back, instead of my stomach.  My poor neck, don't know how I have survived this long, really, because I have been doing "everything" wrong!!

Well better late than never to change a bad habit or two!

Nikki B. signing off.


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