A Healthy Heart Holiday (and Final Factoid #3)

I hope everyone enjoyed a scintillating Sunday with Holiday Tree trimming and fun!

So the final Factoid coming your way!  I need to preface that all major studies have limitations and new research is always evolving so the information mentioned in this blog are current research for 2013; however, we must all keep abreast of future breakthroughs that will be uncovered.

So why all this fuss over chest pain? differences between the sexes, with presentation in the ER?

Bottom line = the sooner a heart attack is identified/diagnosed (that is highly determined upon the signs/symptoms) = the sooner a life can be saved with early intervention

What does it mean to you?

If you know what to look for, the quicker you will recognize possible symptoms and get help.

So let's review some basic information:

According to a study by Dr. Nadia Khan, chest pain was a presentation (predominant) symptom in 80 percent of both sexes (of 1,015 patients) with a higher percentage of women to men that presented without (1 in 5 women).  The other most common symptoms included weakness and shortness of breath.  Women tend to suffer from more non chest pain symptoms than men.

Other considerations are important in the diagnosis of heart attack, other than chest pain.  

Zucker et al informs us that what is also predictive of heart disease is medical history; especially when it comes to women.  Relevant history would include hypertension and diabetes that could lead to congestive heart failure (weakened heart) and increased risk of a heart attack.

With all this knowledge bestowed on you, now you know the importance of seeking treatment immediately if you suffer from weakness, indigestion, shortness of breath, left arm, jaw or abdominal discomfort even though you do not have chest pain.

Inform others to get treatment right away! And help save a life!


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