My Passion: Nutrition

So I've been looking at a few seminars and realistically I probably won't be able to attend everyone that I would like to go to.  One in particular that is going to be held in Los Angeles area is one I previously listed, The Gut/Brain Symposium I believe that everything that we ingest has an immediate and also long term effect on our body.  I believe that it is harder today to eat "clean" food because there are so many chemicals in not only our food but our environment.  The Symposium would be of special interest to me to meet the scientists behind the studies that have identified the problems linked to the foods that we eat. (ie. gluten)  I would like to learn more in this area so that I may better serve the patients I take care of.

I believe that many diseases are also linked to vitamin deficiencies and of course I would love to also examine this area of study.  I hope everyone is having a beautiful weekend. 

I am looking at the following Symposium for Fall 

Nikki B. signing off.


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