Tuesday nite

Just thought I'd sit down and write a line or two with what's happening in my life at present. I will have one of my last clinicals for the Spring in the NP program at Cal State Fullerton, before the summer is here. It's been the hardest semester so far, with a couple of weeks in April with two full clinical days. At the same time, I am working full-time (3 days a week), as an RN on a telemetry floor, at a local hospital. I'm really looking forward to summer because I will have more free time. I have enjoyed the program immensely. I always love to learn and try new things. 
Mother's day is fast approaching and I will soon have visitors for at least a few days in May. Then there is always the June RocknRoll marathon in San Diego. I actually decided to try and do the half marathon. I will be happy just to participate. With this and more on my plate, life is certainly never dull. I try to stay active but remember to take time to de-stress. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday 
and lovely Mother's Day weekend! 
Dreaming of summer...


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