A moment

I wanted to take this time to talk to you'll, or you all, as they say in the South! What do you expect, I grew up in Virginia. I'm lucky I don't still have a "twang". Anyway, I wanted to say that every time we look at the News, it's nothing but bad news! About a war or a killing somewhere! I know it's great to be "up on the news" but actually is it? What benefit does it do us to know about everything bad that's happening out there? 

I say we need to insulate ourselves because, literally, we have enough stressors in our daily lives.  We have to have moments of peace throughout the day. In fact I would limit the amount of "news" that you take in for a 24 hour period.  If only you, or you all, could turn off the television and just take a walk, like say after dinner, you probably would sleep a heck of a lot better than watching the "nightly news" and then trying to doze off.

I am more apt to watch a movie and then turn in.  I told you a long time ago that I am a dreamer.  I always will be.  But maybe, there's a reason.  I choose to look at the more beautiful side of life.  I see a lot of suffering on my job as a nurse, so don't worry, I have my dose of "reality" too.  I do try to help those in need everyday, I just can't look at it hour after hour.  

Okay so that was my thought for the moment that I wanted to express to you.  Always wishing you peace and joy throughout your day.  I feel if you can have that you will be able to keep illness away, your immunity high, and your health at its highest level.  That is my intention!
Love to you all. Nikki B.


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