Passion Colors

Feng shui in the bedroom
Pink, Red and all shades of pink and red, 
are the passion colors for the bedroom
Although some may suggest skin tones,
ranging from white to chocolate brown,
and everything in between.
Pump up the Romance in Your Life
Unclutter your bedroom
Remove all boxes and containers under your bed
Take all mechanical or technical equipment out 
of the corners of your bedroom
Remove any live plants or any mirrors
Take out work out equipment, telephones, 
televisions, computers
In their place, put candles and flowers
Avoid placement of the foot of the bed 
in direct alignment of the door.
Allow for symmetry on both sides of the bed as well
as easy access from both sides.
Also, do not place the head of the bed, in front of a window or
below a bulkhead.
It's all about the "flow of energy" 
throughout the room.
May you have a beautiful week ahead!


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